Creating large-scale artwork can be incredibly rewarding, but it’s essential to consider the practicalities of framing such pieces. One critical factor to keep in mind is the increased cost associated with oversized mats and glass. Here’s why this matters and how you can manage these expenses.

Significant Cost Increase

When your artwork requires oversized mats or glass, the framing cost can almost double. This is due to the increased material costs and the need for specialized handling and production techniques. For both you and your clients, this can represent a significant additional expense.

Anything requiring a mat or glass over 32×40 inches is considered oversized, and even ordering 40×60 mats and glass increases costs compared to standard sizes. For both you and your clients, this can represent a significant additional expense.

Impact on Budget

For artists, the cost of framing can affect your budget for materials and presentation. Understanding the financial implications of creating large works helps you plan accordingly. For clients, the higher framing costs might influence their purchasing decisions, potentially affecting sales.

Standard Size Planning

To avoid the high costs of oversized framing, aim to keep your artwork within standard sizes. For artwork on paper, this means allowing for a 2-inch or larger mat so that the overall size fits within the standard 32×40 mat and glass size. This strategic planning can significantly reduce framing expenses.

Alternative Solutions

If you work on canvas or create art that doesn’t require a mat or glass, the cost implications are less severe. Canvas pieces can be stretched and framed without glass, making them a more economical choice for large-scale works. Similarly, artworks that can be displayed without a mat offer greater flexibility and lower costs.

Strategic Planning

When planning large artworks, consider how they will be framed from the outset. By designing pieces that don’t require oversized mats or glass, you can keep framing costs manageable. This strategic approach ensures that both you and your clients can enjoy and display your work without facing prohibitive expenses.

Enhanced Marketability

Keeping framing costs in mind makes your large artworks more attractive to potential buyers. When clients know that they won’t face exorbitant framing expenses, they may be more inclined to purchase larger pieces, enhancing your marketability.

Understanding the cost implications of framing oversized artworks helps you make informed decisions and plan your creations effectively. By considering alternative solutions and planning strategically, you can manage expenses and ensure your large works are both stunning and affordable to frame.

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